What does the Maryland Saves Retirement Program mean for small businesses?

Maryland Saves retirement program
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Retirement planning can be a nightmare for workers who may not have access to traditional employer-sponsored retirement plans. However, the state of Maryland has taken a proactive approach to addressing this issue with its innovative retirement program, Maryland Saves. This program aims to empower workers to take control of their retirement savings and ensure a more secure financial future. Let’s take a closer look at this groundbreaking program and how it can benefit workers in Maryland.

What is Maryland Saves Law?

Maryland Saves is a state-sponsored retirement program that was launched in 2016. It is designed to provide a simple and accessible way for workers to save for retirement. The program is open to all Maryland residents who are 18 years or older and have earned income.

How does it work?

Maryland Saves offers workers the opportunity to contribute a portion of their paycheck into a retirement savings account. These contributions are made on a pre-tax basis, meaning they are deducted from the worker’s paycheck before taxes are applied. This allows workers to save more money for retirement while also reducing their taxable income. The program also offers a variety of investment options to choose from based on their individual needs and goals.

Benefits of MD Saves

One of the main benefits of Maryland Saves is that it provides workers with a simple and accessible way to save for retirement. Many workers may not have access to traditional employer-sponsored plans, making it difficult for them to save for retirement. Maryland Saves eliminates this barrier by offering a retirement savings option to all workers in the state.

Another benefit of the program is that it helps workers build a more secure financial future. By contributing to a retirement savings account, workers are taking proactive steps towards ensuring their financial stability in retirement. This can help alleviate financial stress and provide peace of mind for workers as they approach retirement age.

Retirement Security

Retirement security is a growing concern for many workers, especially as traditional pension plans become less common. MD Saves addresses this issue by providing workers with a retirement savings option that is both accessible and secure. A board of trustees oversees the program to ensure workers’ contributions are managed responsibly and with their best interests in mind.

How to Get Started with MD saves?

It is easy to get started with MD Saves Program. Workers can enroll in the program online or by mail. They can also contribute to their retirement savings account through automatic payroll deductions or making one-time contributions. The program also offers resources and tools to help workers make informed decisions about their retirement savings.

Maryland Saves is an innovative and empowering retirement program that is making a positive impact on workers in the state. By providing a simple and accessible way to save for retirement, the program is helping workers build a more secure financial future. If you are a worker in Maryland, consider enrolling in Maryland Saves and take control of your retirement planning today.


Maryland Saves is important for all businesses. If you still have questions or don’t know where to start, talk to us today and we will help you. Fill out the form below and our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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