Human Resources

Know Your Rules

Ignorance is no excuse! Why even small employers need to know the rules. Small employers sometimes think that “the rules” don’t apply to them because of their size. While that may be true of some employment laws, it’s easy to get on the wrong side of the rules that do. John has a CPA firm... View Article

April 24, 2023 / / By

Company Culture

Company Culture is something many small businesses “poo poo.”  I hear things like, “I have five employees; what do I need to worry about Company Culture for?!”  Unfortunately, those are the businesses we routinely get “complex” HR problems from and the ones that end up having the most problems with their staff. Remember, a good... View Article

April 10, 2023 / / By

Civility in the workplace

 “Keep a Civil Tongue in Your Head!” Civility in the Workplace Ever wonder what keeps employees showing up daily (besides a paycheck)? What makes work satisfying depends on the person. Some people are excited to learn new things; some like to engage with a customer and make that sale; some show up because the coffee... View Article

March 15, 2023 / / By

Future of Work

I have been having more and more conversations with business owners and accountants about the future of the workforce.  Pre-COVID, businesses ran a certain way.  Everything has changed since then, and many businesses struggle to understand why and what is changing. The most prominent of these changes can be condensed into three items: 1. Compliance... View Article

January 5, 2023 / / By

The ten rules on how to do Payroll

10 Rules On How To Do Payroll Many new employers are fantastic at what they do. They are amazing Doctors, amazing Mechanics, they are fantastic at what they do. These employers jump into business and are met head on with the harsh reality that payroll is more than just clicking a “submit button” or receiving... View Article

December 18, 2022 / / By