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Our award winning technology makes running payroll and handling taxes simple. As your Business scales, so can we!!

PeopleWorX is your partner in success rather than just a workforce solution provider. We dedicate ourselves to boosting workforce efficiency, streamlining processes, and supporting your company’s growth.
Starting from Employee onboarding to managing benefits, timekeeping to compliance, our workforce strategies are custom-made to your specific business requirements and operations.
Let PeopleWorX handle your everyday workforce needs, and you can focus on serving your clients and achieving milestones.
Bob Weir

Bob Weir

I love the experience of working with People Worx/Payroll Services. Kelly For one has been extremely helpful in her assist in getting our Payroll "put to bed" each pay period. She is incredible responsive throughout the week, as well.

Manage Human Resource Functions Efficiently

Efficiently handling human resources is the core of every successful business. Recognizing that not every company will have the resources to maintain an HR team, PeopleWorX offers its services to empower your company by streamlining HR workflows, enhancing employee experiences, and driving overall productivity. With a dedicated PeopleWorX representative, you will have more time for strategic business operations than worrying about workforce management.

Manage Timekeeping and Track PTO

Managing employee time and attendance can be a time-consuming and tedious task. PeopleWorX offers a comprehensive timekeeping solution that streamlines your processes and saves time. With our timekeeping solution, managing employee schedules, tracking time and attendance, managing PTO, and generating accurate payroll reports are just a  few clicks away. 


Our timekeeping solution can help you comply with changing HR and labor laws. We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and ensure our platform is always compliant, so you can rest easy knowing your business is protected. 

Valerie O’Connor

Valerie O’Connor

Jonathan and his team members have been wonderful. They address things quickly and effectively and empowered us with doing payroll and applying for ERC. Jonathan. Made it all so easy! Thank you Jonathan and Team!

Leverage Pay-As-You-Go and Eliminate Heavy Down Payments

We understand that traditional coverage plans can be burdensome to some businesses. With Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp, we can help you eliminate premium down payments and inaccurate projections at the end of the year.
With Pay-As-You-Go, you will pay based on your current payroll. This will help improve your cash flow and minimize any surprise bills at the end of your Workers Comp policy period.

Easily Interact and Update Information With Our
Employee Self Service

Do you need an easy way to interact with your employees and update their information? 

With our Employee Self-Service, your employees can easily view the paystub and W-2 and also update their tax information, direct deposit, benefits, and more. Employees can access our user-friendly portal via any web browser or using our website. 

New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Direct Deposit UpdatesDirect Deposit Updates

Any device…anywhereAny device…anywhere

Tax UpdatesTax Updates

Employee InfoEmployee Info

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendanc


Stay Up to Date with Tax Compliance Labor Laws

Our experienced team is available to work with you, ensuring you adhere to labor regulations and laws. We keep all our information current and ensure our clients are fully informed of any changes within the industry.

learn W-2 / 1099 Filing

Boundaries ACA Compliance

Communicate Quarterly Tax Reporting

Practical Minimum Wage Compliance

Registrations New State Registrations

Stay Up-to-date With The Employee Handbook

Having an employee handbook can save you and your business during hardship. It is important to have company policies in writing and informing your employees. 


PeopleWorX can help you if you have an employee handbook that needs updating or creating a new one. 

Maintain a Pool of Candidates Whenever You Need Them

With PeopleWorX’s Applicant Tracking system, you can post jobs and always maintain a pool of candidates when needed. Integrated onboarding helps with collecting new hire information and compliance documentation.
Scott Mims

Scott Mims

The good folks at PeopleWorkx Payroll Services have taken great care of our several companies' payroll needs. While we're small businesses, we have some complicated needs & we're not always sure how to navigate those waters, but they've always been extremely helpful with all matters we throw a them. They don't seem to bat an eye, they're quick to make updates or resolve issues, & they're quick to respond. Cheers to Michelle and the rest of the team!