Payroll Services Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Office

Toll Free: 1-888-929-2729

Fax: 240-699-0062

Address: 3915 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA. 17109

Payroll Services serves businesses in Harrisburg PA. With our cutting edge technology, our system knows the exact taxing jurisdiction for your Pennsylvania Employees. Through the use of Geo Codes we pin point the tax location of each employee ensuring that the appropriate local taxes are withheld and reported.

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Services Offered at this Location:

Payroll Services: Yes

Time & Attendance: Yes

HR Consulting: Yes

Employee Benefits: Yes

Workers Compensation: Yes

Pickups: No

Meetings: Appointments Only

Betty – “No Worries”

We’re in Harrisburg, PA and have many local taxes. Payroll Services system is spot on and knows where each employee’s tax location is. No worries.

Joel – “Staff is Excellent”

My company is in Harrisburg, PA. We use Payroll Services for payroll and timekeeping. The system is easy to use and their staff is excellent.

Mark – “Competitive Pricing”

We work in Harrisburg, PA. and have found Payroll Service to be an excellent choice. Their pricing is competitive and their staff extremely knowledgeable.