Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce Management

Complete Workforce Management Solutions for Whatever Cycle your Business is in.


Our all in one Timekeeping Solution lets you scale your business based on what you need. Integrate your Scheduling, Time Off Request and more into a full HRIS and Payroll Solution.

Onboarding and Benefits

Employee Tools that Drive Engagement and Reduce Administrative Tasks

New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Open EnrollmentOpen Enrollment

New Hire EnrollmentNew Hire Enrollment

ACA ComplianceACA Compliance

Carrier IntegrationCarrier Integration

Brokered ServicesBrokered Services


Streamline Your Workers Compensation

Automated Audit Reports

Automated Audit Reports

Pay As you Go

Pay As you Go

Brokered Services

Brokered Services

Our system provides powerful workers compensation tracking and reporting. Select Pay as You Go Workers Comp, Reporting Only or use our Brokered Services!

Keep your Candidate Pipeline full with Applicant Tracking

Integrated CalendarStreamline Candidate Applications

Integrated with PayrollIntegrate with Over 1,000 Job Boards

Automate Time Off Request and Accrual BalancesCustomized Workflows for Keeping Your Team in the Loop


Timekeeping to Fit Your Needs

Power Up Your Training with our Learning Management System!

Track Certifications and Expirations Track Certifications and Expirations

Integrate with our HRIS Integrate with our HRIS

Create Custom Courses & Test Create Custom Courses & Test

Integrated Gamification Integrated Gamification

Access Our Pre-Built Courses Access Our Pre-Built Courses

L-manage calendar

Learning Management Made Easy!

Integrated CalendarCreate Courses or choose from our Library of Pre-Made Lessons

Integrated with PayrollBuild “Paths” to standardize Company Training Essentials

Automate Time Off Request and Accrual BalancesTrack Certification Expirations and build test to certify training needs


Drive Engagement Through Feedback

Gain insight on your workforce by using employee feedback, surveys and more. Our integrated system drives employee engagement through real time feedback!

Payroll Summary Taxes


Increase Performance with Reviews that Matter

Whether you use 180 reviews or 360, our Performance Review system automates and reminds both employees and management when reviews need to be done. Measure Employee potential through our integrated 9 box solution.