Payroll Services LLC – Washington D.C.

Washington DC Office

Toll Free: 1-888-929-2729

Fax: 240-699-0062

Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Payroll Services helps businesses located in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area with their workforce management. Payroll Services provides payroll services, timekeeping, HR and Employee Benefits. Check out our demo page to see an overview of our system. Our complete HRIS, Payroll and Workforce Management System tracks the current minimum wage for Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas.

Services Offered at this Location:

Payroll Services: Yes

Time & Attendance: Yes

HR Consulting: Yes

Employee Benefits: Yes

Workers Compensation: Yes

Pickups: No

Meetings: Appointments Only

Steve – “Highly Recommend”

My business is located in Washington D.C. Payroll Services provides great customer service and expertise. Washington D.C. can be very “fickle” with their Employers. With Payroll Services, I never have to worry about any compliance. Their staff is great from payroll to hr. I highly recommend them!

Linda – “Total Trust”

Washington D.C. is a great area, but they are constantly changing the minimum wage and other laws. Payroll Services always keeps track of these things for me. Total trust!

Robby – “Easy to use”

I’m located in Washington D.C. and use Payroll Services for Payroll, HR and Timekeeping. The system is easy to use for both myself and my employees. Their system truly is top of the line!