Time and Attendance System Solution

Powerful Time & Attendance

Customized Time & Attendance to Fit Your Needs. Scheduling, Timekeeping, Time Off Request and more…


Our all in one Timekeeping Solution lets you scale your business based on what you need. Integrate your Scheduling, Time Off Request and more into a full HRIS and Payroll Solution.

Timekeeping to Keep You Moving

Our Powerful Time & Attendance System gives you the best in breed for all your Timekeeping needs:

Time Off Request Time Off Request

Clock In / OutClock In / Out

View SchedulesView Schedules

Calendar UpdatesCalendar Updates

Time Card ApprovalTime Card Approval

Group PunchGroup Punch


Agile Options to Fit Your Model

User Friendly

Physical & Bio Metric Clocks

Integrate with Third Party Data

IP & Geo Fencing Security

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Whether you need a physical timeclock, and online feature or a dedicated virtual clock, we have the right Timekeeping option for Your Business!

Powerful Scheduling

Our powerful scheduling tools allow you to set dynamic schedules for your team. Whether you need schedules by departments, locations, or more…our scheduling tool brings it all together.

fence rules

Integrated Time Off Request

Integrate your Employees’ Time Off Request through customized workflows. Connect to Time Cards, Calendars and more.