Payroll Services LLC – Columbia, MD

Columbia Maryland Office

Local: 240-699-0060

Fax: 240-699-0062

Toll Free: 1-888-929-2729

Address: 8775-M Centre Park Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21045

Payroll Services helps businesses located in Columbia, MD and the surrounding areas. We specialize in workforce management providing payroll, time & attendance, human resources, workers comp and employee benefits. Our payroll platform helps businesses manage paid time off, employee onboarding, applicant tracking, and more.

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Services Offered at this Location:

Payroll Services: Yes

Time & Attendance: Yes

HR Consulting: Yes

Employee Benefits: Yes

Workers Compensation: Yes

Pickups: No

Meetings: Appointments Only

Kim – “Extremely Proactive”

I am located in Columbia, MD and use Payroll Services. They recently helped me with the new MD Paid Leave that came out. They actually called me first about it. They were extremely proactive and provided guidance on the law as well as what I needed to do to set up a good policy.

Chad- “Their HR is Awesome”

I am a new business in Columbia, MD. Payroll Services helped me register my business with the State as well as assisted me in setting up an employee handbook. Their HR is awesome. The best part is the HR was included in their pricing!

Julie- “So Easy”

We’re in Columbia MD and used to use another provider. When we switched to Payroll Services it was incredibly easy. So easy we didn’t realize that everything was setup when they called. They worked behind the scenes and my involvement was minimal.