Labor Allocation Solution

Labor Allocations Simplified

Our Labor Allocation allows you to slice and dice wage data however you need it!


Do you have enhanced Labor Allocation needs? Whether you are a Non Profit tracking Grants, or a Construction Company tracking Job Costing, our powerful Labor Allocations can give you the insights you need.

Certified Payroll Solutions

Certified Payroll Simplified

learnLCP Tracker Integration

BoundariesWH 347 Production

Communicate Import Data from any Third Party

PracticalCustom General Ledger Exports

RegistrationsCustom Report Writer for Enhanced Data Exports

L-manage calendar

Powerful Labor Allocations

Whether you are a Non Profit in need of Grant, Fund or Project allocation or a Contractor needing Certified Payroll…..our Powerful Labor Allocation and slice and dice labor however you need it!

Payroll Summary Taxes


Dynamic Accounting Integrations

Take Labor Allocations to the next level by integrating it with your accounting system. Whether you need Quickbooks support or Dynamics we create a custom solution to integrate with your accounting needs.