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Our award winning technology makes running payroll and handling taxes simple. As your Business scales, so can we!


We understand the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face when managing their workforce. Our tailored workforce solutions are designed to empower your mission-driven work by simplifying financial operations and ensuring compliance so you can focus on making a positive impact.

Scott Mims

Scott Mims

The good folks at PeopleWorkx Payroll Services have taken great care of our several companies' payroll needs. While we're small businesses, we have some complicated needs & we're not always sure how to navigate those waters, but they've always been extremely helpful with all matters we throw a them. They don't seem to bat an eye, they're quick to make updates or resolve issues, & they're quick to respond. Cheers to Michelle and the rest of the team!

PeopleWorX Understands Non-Profits!

Are You A Religious Organization Non Profit?

We understand that non-profit and religious organizations are similar but have distinct differences between the two that make them unique. For Example, Church payroll has special clergy exemptions that non-profit payroll does not have. 

We can help you with your specialized tax needs if you are a non-profit religious organization. 

Know Your Clergy Exemptions

As a religious organization you have special rules that apply to your tax situation. 

PBJ ReportingClergy Tax Exemptions

Import form your Billing SystemHousing Allowance

Custom Data ExportsSECA Tax

Enhanced Labor AllocationFICA Exemption

Enhanced Timekeeping TrackingUnemployment Exemption

Kirk Munsch

Kirk Munsch

Outstanding support form PeopleworX and I especially want to give praise to Alison Edwards and Kelly Hazel. If you are looking for your timekeeping, payroll, and all encompassing related business support solution look no further. PeopleworX is the answer. Alison and Kelly have been so patient with me/us as we transitioned into formal timekeeping and into a bi-weekly pay schedule. Alison has fielded numerous questions (and still does) as we punch in/out; edit because we forgot; approve; and ultimately process our payroll, benefits, PTO and related items. Please consider contacting PeopleworX and let them meet your business support needs.

Are You A Community Organization Non profit?

We understand how a community organization non-profit operates and the important aspects to consider while creating strategies to streamline operations. Let PeopleWorX help create your strategy to execute your mission!

Fund Allocation:

We understand that one of the most important aspects of driving your Non-Profit to success is managing your fund allocations, whether it is through government grants, donations, or fundraising.

We help Non-Profits do this through our specialized approach in allocating labor to these different cost centers through our time & attendance customizations and General Ledger (GL) Integrations.

Keeping a Full Bench of Applicants

PeopleWorX can help keep your candidate pool full with specialized Applicant and Recruitment Services targeted at those who would be most likely to work in a Non-Profit organization.

Certificate and Learning Management

We understand that each Non-Profit is different, and many need the ability to track certification and learning management. Our solution provides a customized approach for you to get reminders on expiring certificates as well as set up learning paths (such as bloodborne pathogens) that are tailored specifically to Non-Profit learning and development.

Leverage on Unemployment Exemption

Most nonprofits can exempt themselves from FUTA (Federal Unemployment Taxes). It is a common misconception that nonprofits are exempt from the State Employment taxes (SUTA). Most states require nonprofits to choose between registering as a contribution or reimbursement-based account. PeopleWorX understands the difference and can help you with that.

Tools Employees Love!

Empower your employees and reduce the day to grind with our award winning Employee Self Service.

New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Direct Deposit UpdatesDirect Deposit Updates

Any device…anywhereAny device…anywhere

Tax UpdatesTax Updates

Employee InfoEmployee Info

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance


Powerful Payroll to Meet Your Needs

User Friendly

User Friendly

Integrate with Third Party Data

Integrate with Third Party Data

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Process payroll in the matter of minutes and let us take care of the hard part. Our Payroll Solution ensures you have the tools at your fingertips to let you do best… Your Business!

Complete Tax Compliance

Compliance Made Simple

learn W-2 / 1099 Filing

Boundaries ACA Compliance

Communicate Quarterly Tax Reporting

Practical Minimum Wage Compliance

Registrations New State Registrations

Payroll Summary Taxes