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Our award winning technology makes running payroll and handling taxes simple. As your Business scales, so can we!!

Lindsey Senseman

Lindsey Senseman

Extremely happy with PeopleWorx/Payroll Services! I have been working with them for about 6 years and their customer service is excellent. Jessica is always super helpful and quick to respond. Would highly recommend!
Every business has unique needs. We understand the unique challenges that restaurant face, particularly in workforce management. These challenges include human resources, POS integration, managing employees who work in multiple departments, tracking tips, managing labor costs, and ensuring proper employee overtime pay.

Manage Your Restaurant completely in your POS without sacrificing the ability to streamline your Payroll and HRIS processes with our POS integration

We understand how important your point of sales system (POS) is to your business. Integrating your POS with our payroll & HRIS system provides a streamlined method to pay your employees and eliminate double entries and errors, Keep track of your tips, hours, and more in your POS while we take care of the rest. When payday comes, all you need to do is click a button to get your data into our system.
User Friendly                      User Friendly
Integrate with Third Party DataIntegrate with Third Party Data
Powerful Reporting                 Powerful Reporting
Process payroll in the matter of minutes and let us take care of the hard part. Our Payroll Solution ensures you have the tools at your fingertips to let you do best… Your Business

Specialized Restaurant Services To Elevate Your Workforce Solutions

Automated WOTC Tax CreditsAutomated WOTC Tax Credits
Tipped OT CalculationsTipped OT Calculations
Minimum Wage AlertsMinimum Wage Alerts
Minimum Wage Alerts Integrate with your POS
Automated WOTC Tax CreditsVariable Rates & Dept Allocation
Automated WOTC Tax CreditsFICA TIP Credit Reporting

Are you receiving your FICA Tip Credit?

Restaurants get special credits for the payroll taxes paid for tips. Our services include FICA tip credit reporting at no extra cost.

We also provide tip sign-off reports, enabling employees to track the tips received during each payroll. This ensures that you remain compliant.

Did you know that you can get tax credit when you hire an individual with WOTC? 

With Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), each new hire is potentially an eligible employee that can provide tax credits to your business. Simple use our customized onboarding tool to integrate WOTC. The employee answers a few questions and then we check for eligibility. If they are eligible you will receive the tax credits.

Eliminate large down payment for your workers' compensation insurance and minimize year-end adjustment with Pay As You Go Workers Comp?

In an industry with hourly wage employees, estimating restaurant workers’ compensation is always wrong and a hassle. With Pay As You Go, you will pay based on your current payroll.  This will help improve your cash flow as well as minimize any surprise bills at the end of your Workers Comp policy period.

Stay Up to Date with Tax Compliance Labor Laws

PeopleWorX can help you with various labor laws and regulations. Ensuring compliance with minimum wage laws, overtime rules, break regulations, and other employment laws is crucial to avoiding legal issues.

learn W-2 / 1099 Filing

Boundaries ACA Compliance

Communicate Quarterly Tax Reporting

Practical Minimum Wage Compliance

Registrations New State Registrations

Streamline Employee Request With Our
Employee Self Service

We understand the headache of manually handling paperwork and updating employee information. PeopleWorX’s Employee Self-Service significantly helps employees to be in charge of their documentation, starting from onboarding, managing time offs, trainings, performance reviews etc.,

New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Direct Deposit UpdatesDirect Deposit Updates

Any device…anywhereAny device…anywhere

Tax UpdatesTax Updates

Employee InfoEmployee Info

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance 

Julie Hamre

Julie Hamre

The folks I've worked with are fantastic. Imagine - a tech company that actually provides prompt, courteous, and helpful support from live people!The folks I've worked with are fantastic. Imagine - a tech company that actually provides prompt, courteous, and helpful support from live people!

Empower Your Workforce With More HR Tools

Enhance and Speed Up Your Training With Our Learning Management System With the high turnover rate, training and development is an ongoing process in the restaurant business. The PeopleWorX Learning Management system makes creating training programs, tracking employee progress, and documenting completion easy and efficient.  

Get Candidates Faster With Our Applicant Tracking System

Restaurants often experience high employee turnover due to the nature of the industry. Finding and retaining skilled and reliable employees can be a continuous challenge. 

With PeopleWorX’s Applicant tracking system, you can post jobs and always maintain a pool of candidates when needed. Integrated onboarding helps with collecting new hire information and compliance documentation.

Bob Weir

Bob Weir

I love the experience of working with People Worx/Payroll Services. Kelly For one has been extremely helpful in her assist in getting our Payroll "put to bed" each pay period. She is incredible responsive throughout the week, as well.