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Our award winning technology makes running payroll and handling taxes simple. As your Business scales, so can we!!

We understand retail businesses’ unique challenges and are committed to providing comprehensive HR solutions to empower your organization. Our mission is to help your business with innovative, client-centric HR solutions that drive success, foster growth, and elevate your workforce to new heights.

Katrina Wolf

I have been using this service for payroll for over a year. I am very pleased with the ease of use. My customer service rep Jessica is the best. She gets back to me promptly and takes care of any need I may have. They truly make payroll easy. Highly recommend!

Seamless integration to your POS system

We understand the importance of point of sales system (POS) in your business operations. Integrating your POS with our payroll HRIS system provides a streamlined method to track timekeeping and pay your employees.
User Friendly                      User Friendly
Integrate with Third Party DataIntegrate with Third Party Data
Powerful Reporting                 Powerful Reporting
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Enhancing Your Overall HR Process with Employee Self Service, Employee Handbook Creation and Employee Onboarding

As a retail, you know the importance of your customers’ experience. PeopleWorX values its client’s experience and makes the HR processes as smooth as possible so you have a strong and productive team to support you in your business growth.

Employee Self-Service

Improve your employee interaction and save time by allowing your employees to access our Employee Self-Service system via any web browser or our website. Choose from a variety of options ranging from basic paystub and W-2 access to allowing your employees to update their tax information, direct deposit, benefits, and more. 


New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Direct Deposit UpdatesDirect Deposit Updates

Any device…anywhereAny device…anywhere

Tax UpdatesTax Updates

Employee InfoEmployee Info

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance 

Employee Onboarding

We understand that successful onboarding is the first step of a thriving, well-informed, and engaged workforce. Your employees will feel comfortable, confident, and empowered in their roles with our comprehensive and user-friendly onboarding software. 

PeopleWorX can help you with onboarding and help you elevate your business. 

Employee Onbaording

Tracking PTO Efficiently and Avoiding Legal Complications

Keeping track of Paid Time Off (PTO) is essential for effective workforce management, and it is a legal requirement in many states. While your Point of Sales (POS) might be great for monitoring inventory and recording employee hours, it often lacks in tracking PTO. Our system ensures state-required PTO regulations and any existing policies you may already have in place. 

Karen Nakamura

Karen Nakamura

Great Partner for our Accounting Firm. Good service, good people and good systems.

Better Cashflow Management to your Business with Pay-As-You-Go

In most states, it’s mandatory for employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. However, traditional insurance plans could financially strain small to medium-sized businesses due to their initial premium costs.
Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp eliminates initial expenses and annual payroll estimates. It allows you to pay your premium in smaller amounts at the end of each payroll cycle instead of a large down payment.
PeopleWorX can help you implement Pay-As-You-Go for your business.

Stay Up to Date with Tax Compliance Labor Laws

PeopleWorX can help you with various labor laws and regulations. Ensuring compliance with minimum wage laws, overtime rules, break regulations, and other employment laws is crucial to avoiding legal issues.

learn W-2 / 1099 Filing

Boundaries ACA Compliance

Communicate Quarterly Tax Reporting

Practical Minimum Wage Compliance

Registrations New State Registrations

Kirk Munsch

Kirk Munsch

Outstanding support form PeopleworX and I especially want to give praise to Alison Edwards and Kelly Hazel. If you are looking for your timekeeping, payroll, and all encompassing related business support solution look no further. PeopleworX is the answer. Alison and Kelly have been so patient with me/us as we transitioned into formal timekeeping and into a bi-weekly pay schedule. Alison has fielded numerous questions (and still does) as we punch in/out; edit because we forgot; approve; and ultimately process our payroll, benefits, PTO and related items. Please consider contacting PeopleworX and let them meet your business support needs.