Is Remote Work Dead?

There are countless articles out on the interwebz declaring that remote work is dead.  Is it?  The real question to ask is why is remote work such a thing, who used it in the past and why are there a ton of topics saying remote work is dead.

Remote work has always been a “thing”, but it has been more prevalent in the IT sector.  Jobs that did not require a huge person to person component, and were more focused on productivity.

When COVID hit, remote work was a must for most industries. Thus brought the new age of “work from home”.

Businesses were forced to adapt into the remote work space even if they didn’t want to.

With the COVID concern almost non-existent now, Employers are starting to re-evaluate the “why” on remote work.  If remote work was such a success why cut it out?

I do not believe remote work was a triumphant victory and hence why we are seeing more “back to the office” declarations from businesses.

Remote work accomplished what it needed to when we couldn’t be in the office, but is productivity truly down?  I would argue it isn’t about productivity as a whole, but the nonsense Employers had to deal with regarding remote work.  It’s the old adage of one bad apple ruins it for the rest.  That is why I see remote work starting to go by the wayside.  Employers had to deal with some real “doozies” with some employees taking advantage of remote work.

From Employees disappearing during the day, to some with multiple “remote jobs”.  It created a problem that some Employers have just decided to stop having to deal with.  It also created a new system of performance management that even larger companies were not ready to deal with.  How do you measure true productivity?  As a business owner, I know there are always things that need to be done.  But what about employees, do they know?  How do you manage those “things” when projects are “complete” and there is “free time”?

There is value in having people in the office.  Ideas are born, company culture is easier to manage and more. There are less things to manage when you can “walk the floor”.  Its easier to see what is going on.

But, what about smaller businesses?  Should we start reigning in remote work?  I am not so sure.  Since we started hiring remotely, we have been able to expand our candidate pool into areas we never would be able to.  This has given us access to talent and lots of it.  I still get irritated with remote work, but we have learned to embrace it.  I think that is the key.  How do we embrace change rather than just throw it in the dumpster?  I do not have all the answers, but we are making it work well.  Will I have problems, sure.  Just like I would have problems with in office staff.

The rewards are worth more than the headache, and besides if you don’t offer it and I do…I might just land that candidate over you.

I think full remote work will become more limited and more company culture based.  If I could have it my way, I would advocate for a hybrid method..but how do I do hybrid for my team in Florida?

If you are struggling with remote work policies or ideas, give us a buzz.  We’d love to talk about what you are facing and offer suggestions.

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