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Our award winning technology makes running payroll and handling taxes simple. As your Business scales, so can we!


PeopleWorX understands the home healthcare business better. As your partner, we help you navigate the industry’s distinctive challenges. our mission is to empower your business with HR strategies that not only meet compliance requirements but also foster a culture of compassion, dedication, and excellence.

Valerie O’Connor

Valerie O’Connor

Jonathan and his team members have been wonderful. They address things quickly and effectively and empowered us with doing payroll and applying for ERC. Jonathan. Made it all so easy! Thank you Jonathan and Team!

Specialized Health Care Solutions


PBJ ReportingPBJ Reporting

We understand that home health care business need payroll-based journal (PBJ). Through our easy to use system, we can generate this for you on the fly. 

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Enhanced Labor AllocationEnhanced Labor Allocation

Enhanced Timekeeping TrackingEnhanced Timekeeping Tracking

GL IntegrationGL Integration

Custom Data ExportsCustom Data Exports

Import form your Billing SystemImport form your Billing System


Easy Onboarding

Welcome your new hires with PeopleWorX’s onboarding tool. This will help your new employees with easy-to-follow onboarding instructions giving them confidence and empowering them to excel in their new roles.

Applicant Tracking System

We understand the nature of healthcare business and its high employee turnover. With our Applicant Tracking System, you can keep of a pool of candidates available when you need them. With our integrated onboarding, you can make the new hire onboarding process easier.

Seamless Integration of Timekeeping with your Existing Billing System

PeopleWorX can help you integrate our Timekeeping system with your existing billing system to streamline and manage employee hours and schedules with ease.

Track and Get Notifications Before Certificates Expire

healthcare - Certification course

Being in the healthcare industry, it is important that your employees keep track of their certification status. To make this process easier, PeopleWorX can help you track certification details, and their expiry and notify your employees on time. 

Lindsey Senseman

Lindsey Senseman

Extremely happy with PeopleWorx/Payroll Services! I have been working with them for about 6 years and their customer service is excellent. Jessica is always super helpful and quick to respond. Would highly recommend!

Did you know that you can get tax credits when you hire an individual with WOTC?

With Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), each new hire is potentially an eligible employee that can provide tax credits to your business. Simple use our customized onboarding tool to integrate WOTC. The employee answers a few questions and then we check for eligibility. If they are eligible you will receive the tax credits.

Healthcare - WOTC

Track PTO with Ease

Ensure compliance with accurate PTO tracking. Although you may be able to track time through your billing system, most will not track PTO. PeopleWorX can help you with PTO tracking, which is a mandatory requirement in most states.

Empower your employees and reduce the day to
grind with our Employee Self Service

With PeopleWorX Employee Self-Service, you can empower your employees with autonomy and elevate their experience. Employees can easily onboard, clock in, clock out, track PTO, check their paystub, and update their information.

New Hire OnboardingNew Hire Onboarding

Direct Deposit UpdatesDirect Deposit Updates

Any device…anywhereAny device…anywhere

Tax UpdatesTax Updates

Employee InfoEmployee Info

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance 


Powerful Payroll to Meet Your Needs

User Friendly

User Friendly

Integrate with Third Party Data

Integrate with Third Party Data

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Process payroll in the matter of minutes and let us take care of the hard part. Our Payroll Solution ensures you have the tools at your fingertips to let you do best… Your Business!

Complete Tax Compliance

Compliance Made Simple

learn W-2 / 1099 Filing

Boundaries ACA Compliance

Communicate Quarterly Tax Reporting

Practical Minimum Wage Compliance

Registrations New State Registrations

Payroll Summary Taxes
Karen Nakamura

Karen Nakamura

Great Partner for our Accounting Firm. Good service, good people and good systems.