How PeopleWorX can help businesses in Baltimore

Know about Baltimore Payroll Regulations

There are over 1,100 unique businesses in Baltimore, each with its own needs. Baltimore businesses choose PeopleWorX to help with their payroll and HR needs.

Baltimore Employers need to comply with Maryland State regulations. To assist our Baltimore Employers, PeopleWorX has a unique payroll and HR package designed to keep you compliant and help grow your business.

Things Baltimore Employers Need To Be Aware of:

Mandatory paid Sick LeaveMandatory Paid Sick Leave for Employers with more than 15 Employees

Mandatory Unpaid Sick LeaveMandatory Unpaid Sick Leave for Employers with less than 15 Employees

Minimum Wage for EmployeesMinimum Wage for Employees working in Maryland

Mandatory Paid Leave for JuryMandatory Paid Leave for Jury Duty for Exempt Employees

Pending Paid FamilyPending Paid Family Medical Leave

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How PeopleWorX Helps Baltimore Businesses:

PeopleWorX has unique service packages designed to meet the needs of Baltimore Businesses. We offer three service packages that assist with Payroll, HR, TImekeeping, Benefits, and more.

Baltimore-based businesses choose our Payroll+ package because it helps them monitor regulatory changes in Maryland and provides enhanced HR services to help them grow their business.

Payroll alone is not the answer to servicing small businesses in Baltimore. Our customers have found that they need someone to manage their HR as part of the payroll process. In order to grow a successful business, Baltimore customers understand that they need a strong employee workforce.

The PeopleWorX Strategy:

For Baltimore businesses to be successful, PeopleWorX deploys the “The People Strategy.” PeopleWorX starts by looking at how you recruit and retain employees. We take a deep dive into how employees are onboarded, trained, reviewed, and progress through your business. Retaining employees is more cost-effective than high turnover. We believe that People matter, and building a solid workforce starts with creating people-centric strategies.

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